Promoting wellbeing in the workplace helps to prevent stress, boost employee engagement and motivation and ultimately increase the performance of a business. Cogito Excellence can help you to create a positive and enjoyable workplace where your employees will thrive!

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Building a Resilient Workplace

It is important for businesses to help employees cope with the challenges faced in the modern workplace. Cogito Excellence can assist you in making resilience a key strategic priority for your business. .

  • Stress Management Helping to support staff through difficult times.
  • Dealing with pressure Tips on how to manage high-pressure situations in the workplace.
  • Time management Encouraging efficiency and prioritisation.
  • Bouncing back How to deal with disappointment or mistakes.
  • Agility Promoting employee confidence and flexibility.
  • Coping with change Encouraging communication and embracing new opportunities.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Cogito Excellence aims to give managers the tools they need to build a mindful culture within their team, spot early signs of mental unwellness, approach conversations around mental wellbeing and effectively signpost people to the appropriate mental health support.


  • Building a mindful culture – helping managers create a supportive and stigma free culture within their own team.
  • Breaking down stigma in the workplace – strategies for reducing mental health stigma in the workplace.
  • Identifying the signs – helping managers to recognize the symptoms of mental unwellness in themselves and their employees.
  • Starting and holding conversations – encouraging employees to talk.
  • Signposting to support tools – A look at the tool kit and resources that help managers ensure employees are signposted to the correct professional help.
  • EAP Business Policy – how you can help employees deal with personal problems that may affect their performance at work.
  • Ensuring confidentiality – tips for dealing with sensitive information.
  • Absence Management (LTS) – strategies for dealing with absences due to mental health issues.
  • Wellbeing at work – producing a wellbeing strategy for the wider organisation.
  • Offboarding – learning how to manage when an employee leaves your business.

Aligning wellbeing and the employee experience

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